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Reflections on Our Start-Up in 2002
Q&A with Phil Davis, Managing Partner

2002-2012In 2002, Phil Davis and Bob Hiebeler were senior partners with Arthur Andersen when the firm imploded in fallout resulting from the Enron crisis. With a wish and a prayer, they started a new consulting venture. In Q&A format, Phil shares his perspectives on the early years of the St. Charles Consulting Group. ...more→

Talent Extension Spotlight

Deliver More with Less by "Out-Tasking"

Companies today are under great pressure to deliver results with fewer resources than they have had in the past. Budgets have been cut and the workforce has been reduced, but demands for "better, cheaper, faster" continue unabated. Recognizing this situation, St. Charles has created an out-tasking service through which we complement a company's own internal resources with skilled individuals ...more→