The St. Charles Consulting Group specializes in providing solutions that align your talent strategy with your business strategy. Our team of talent development experts helps identify and develop the competencies needed within your organization to achieve your business goals and gain competitive advantage. We have worked with more than 120 clients nationwide to plan, implement and evaluate talent development strategies and programs that produce real bottom-line results.  

Talent Strategy & Development

Given the pace of change in today’s economic environment and the need for businesses to be in continuous learning mode, we believe it is critical for companies to create and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to developing their people. The St. Charles Consulting Group is well known for its expertise in this area, and we offer a full spectrum of training and related services.
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Custom Design & Curation

Today’s business environment is changing more rapidly than ever before. It is increasingly competitive and volatile, and marketplace uncertainties and distractions abound. In this highly dynamic environment, it is especially critical that your best talent is laser-focused on the priorities that matter most to your business success.
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Facilitation & Coaching

We understand and appreciate the diverse nature of our clients' business and that of their leadership. The demands placed upon executives are ever more challenging, constantly changing, and performance is scrutinized now more than ever before.
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