Companies today are under great pressure to deliver results with fewer resources than they have had in the past. Budgets have been cut and the workforce has been reduced, but demands for “better, cheaper, faster” continue unabated. Decisions on whether to hire or buy talent are increasingly becoming strategic in nature.  Budget, culture, and calculated need drive the decision to consider external support in key areas or projects.

Recognizing this situation, St. Charles Consulting Group has created a staff augmentation or out-tasking service through which we complement a company’s own internal resources with skilled individuals who can execute in a “just-in-time” arrangement. Unlike outsourcing, out-tasking allows the company to maintain control of the entire function even though outside resources are brought in to assist. In this relationship, St. Charles Consulting Group becomes a strategic partner to the business and frees the organization to focus on its core business activities and initiatives.

We call this service “talent extension” because the client organization is extending the capabilities of its existing talent pool through contracted resources.

Benefits of Talent Extension

Cost. There are no overhead costs associated with a contracted resource. The professional is engaged only as long as the project requires and, once the project is complete, the resource does not need to be carried on the books. This saves the company time and money in recruiting, hiring, and training new hires. Additionally, St. Charles Consulting Group handles all administration and fees associated with identifying and on-boarding the contractors.

Scalability. Skilled resources can be engaged within a short period of time and for as long as the project demands. This provides great flexibility in being able to ramp up and scale down in relation to demands of the work.

Expertise. Talent extension arrangements bring highly-skilled individuals with a wealth of relevant experience, business acumen, and creativity that the organization may not have in-house. In addition, talent extension is an excellent approach when multiple skill sets are required – such as instructional design, eLearning production, and program delivery. The blend of skills can be easily right-sized to the need.

Focus.  Contracted resources are brought in to deliver services or deliverables for a specific need.  They bring innovative and varied thinking to the organization.  They stay focused on the need at hand and, unlike employees, are not often redeployed to other work or projects.

Fit. St. Charles Consulting Group will partner with you to understand your organization, your people, and the business that you do. Talented professionals will be selected and placed based on your specific needs.