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Originally published in “Strategic HR Review,” Volume 16, Issue 6 (www.emeraldinsight.com), read “Learning and the Digital Workplace:  What?  So What? Now What?” by Melissa Noonan.







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Proven Practices in Learning Curation:
Transforming Content Shock to Business Results!

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Trends in Learning Within Organizations

Trends in Learning Thought Leadership imageThis whitepaper discusses the key trends impacting learning within organizations today. When viewed in the broader context of the key trends impacting today’s work and workers, the trends
discussed in this whitepaper are having seismic impacts on learning within organizations, and are presenting organizational learning and development leaders with many challenges both
today and throughout the coming years.

One other article will follow,“The Future of Learning Within Organizations.”

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Changing nature of workThe Changing Nature of Work and Workers

Countless studies, research reports, white papers, articles, news reports, Internet memes, and articles have trumpeted the changing nature of work, the workplace, and workers.  These changes can and will create unbalance, turmoil, and fear in some organizations.  While those types of reactions to change at the level being reported might be warranted, they are really wasting valuable energy, which could be used to learn about future workplace demographics, technologies, mental models, and strategies to prepare for those changes.

This article, “The Changing Nature of Work and Workers,” explains five major trends impacting work and workers and implications they have for the future.

Two other articles will follow, “Trends in Learning Within Organizations,” and “The Future of Learning Within Organizations,” and they will provide a micro-level view of learning trends and what the foreseeable future holds for learning organizations.

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Learning Curation:  The Why’s, What’s, and How’s for L&D

learning curation TL imageThe world continues to change at a rapid rate and so has learning. As the pace of the marketplace exponentially quickens, companies continue to be tasked with the urgency to outpace others in their industries and sectors, which requires skilling their employees swiftly. Expiration dates are not only stamped on content, but we are also now seeing a decreased shelf-life on employee skills and competencies as well. This coupled with the demands and needs of the modern learner requires L&D functions to be more deliberate about how to be nimbler, more agile, and relevant…


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Competency Models – What are they Anyhow and What’s the Big Deal?

competency model imageLet’s start with the “big deal.” Very simply, if developed and implemented effectively, a well-defined competency framework can help organizations: 1) find and keep the best people, 2) enable better employee performance, and 3) improve business results…

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