Program Design for a Competitive Edge

We live in a world of information overload.  Given the pace of change in today’s economic environment, the sheer volume of data and processes, and the need for businesses to learn continually and nimbly, it is critical for companies to create and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to developing their people. The St. Charles Consulting Group is well known for its expertise in designing and developing world-class learning programs for our clients. We offer training, plus a full spectrum of related performance improvement services.

Learners in organizations today want highly-engaging, mobile, and experiential learning. While traditional face-to-face training still has its place, companies must evolve traditional learning forums and products that meet the learner at his/her point of need. Our best-practices consulting approach, training programs, and executive coaching solutions can be adopted separately or in combinations specifically customized to fit your needs.

Designed To Fit Your Organization’s Specific Needs

Your company, culture, and staff are unique.  Shouldn’t the learning solutions you offer your staff be also?  The St. Charles Consulting Group helps clients build leadership and management programs, design new hire and onboarding programs, create new training curricula, design, and deliver training courses, apply training-related technology, and administer learning programs and systems. Our services cover all major delivery modalities and channels, including: live training (in-person, virtual classroom), on-demand Web or computer-based (self-study eLearning) courses, microlearning, social learning, performance support resources, and on-the-job training.  And, we create them with your business’ goals, unique culture, and people at the forefront.

What You Can Expect When You Engage With Us

Some clients who have not worked on custom program development projects often ask, “What am I going to have to do during this process?  How much time away from my regular job is this going to take?”

We know that you, your peers, and your staff are extremely busy driving the success of your business.  Your day is already filled with a plethora of tasks, activities, meetings, and deliverables.  We work closely with you during the analysis phase of any project to identify what will be needed of your people based on the complexity of the content and final learning deliverable, the organization’s and its experts’ experience with the learning development process, as well as any known limitations on time due to work, holidays, vacations etc.  Balancing all factors, our experience has shown that a subject matter expert can expect to spend 5-10% of total development time on the project.

Once all factors have been identified, we will create a set agenda, timeline, and purpose for all future meetings.  A workplan will be provided with dates and times prior to commencing so all parties can plan their time accordingly.  And, lastly, draft documents and/or straw models will be provided to make the engagement even more efficient for you and your delegates.

At the St. Charles Consulting Group, we use a rapid and iterative process for instructional design and content development.  Our process is nimble and grounded in the traditional and proven ADDIE model (Assess, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate), but rather that applying the more linear methodology of ADDIE, our process allows for a more heuristic approach meant to be more collaborative, iterative and practical in process.  This ultimately results in the optimal learning solution and ensures alignment with project goals, demonstrates progress, and ensures the client has a clear vision throughout the process.


St. Charles Consulting Group RapidADDIE model

Our learning consultants bring years of experience to our client engagements.  Given our ability to match talent and scale our consultant organization, can deliver on any corporate learning assignment.

Our Custom Program Design solutions include: