At St. Charles Consulting Group, we often hear, “We need training for our people!” And that may very well be true, however, to effectively determine the performance issue or change required, and ensure it will have the desired impact, it is critical that a Needs Assessment be conducted.  A Needs Assessment will confirm what is needed, why it’s needed, for whom it’s needed, and the scope of the need to achieve the desired performance goals.

St. Charles Consulting Group works closely with our clients to uncover the root cause of the performance issue and determine the best intervention for improving or enhancing performance.  Training may be the right solution for the problem, but the solution may instead be better served by a performance support tool, or it may be part of a larger change initiative where training is component of a larger performance improvement strategy.  Regardless of what drives the need, the assessment will validate what is needed at the organizational, job or task and individual levels to ultimately ensure that our delivered services and solutions have the desired results.