St. Charles Consulting Group offers an exceptional Executive Coaching service to clients as part of our overall commitment to learning and professional development. Executive Coaching has been part of our service mix for over 15 years and in this period we have served dozens of individuals at a wide variety of organizations in many different industries. Our network of coaches is national in scope and we have resident coaches in most major metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Coaching Approach

Recognizing that the power of coaching is in the one-on-one nature of the development relationship, each of our executive coaching plans is customized to the profile and needs of the leader being coached. In general, St. Charles Consulting Group’s Executive Coaching program is characterized as follows:

  • The coaching relationship is usually established for a minimum of six months, and many coaching relationships extend to a year or beyond.
  • The typical coaching engagement starts with a selection process where the leader targeted for coaching reviews a sample of coaches nominated and chooses one from the group. (Often the employer also has significant input in the selection process.)
  • Once the coach is selected, there is an intensive upfront discussion that often includes one or more assessment instruments. The purpose of this initial phase is to document the goals that the leader hopes to achieve, and together the coach and coachee commit to a coaching program that involves identifying interim goals and specific actions that should be taken to reach the goals.
  • Accountability is always highly valued, and the coachee is expected to pursue the development goals with commitment. Specific coaching calls (and in-person meetings where possible) are scheduled, and plans are fine-tuned as progress is made against stated objectives.
  • At the conclusion of the formal coaching relationship, there may be one or more assessments completed to measure progress, and a summary report is prepared that details the course of action pursued during the coaching process and ways of maintaining progress going forward.