We recognize the path to success is not only in developing the training program, but in how effectively it is delivered. By using an experienced, focused, instructor or facilitator, the outcomes of learning program are achieved. Experienced instructors do more than just present the content; they gauge the level of involvement from the participants and are able to adjust their technique to minimize distractions and maximize the outcome.

St. Charles Consulting Group has seasoned learning delivery experts who bring years of experience to the live and virtual classroom.  Most Instructors have both instructor backgrounds, as well as business backgrounds.  They have delivered training to all types of diverse audiences and have the skill to motivate and engage learners. They have worked with global audiences where cultural differences demanded acceptance and respect. They have also worked with varying generational audiences that bring different experiences and learning styles.

In addition to traditional Instructors, St. Charles Consulting Group also offers Learning Process Coaches who supplement the instructor and ensure learning goals are met, participants are offered team or individual team coaching during learning activities, and critical course and classroom observations are noted and modified, as needed.

Lastly, these same delivery professionals can also bring facilitation skills to strategic meetings, forums, focus groups, etc.  These Facilitators know how to manage difficult participants, ensure times are managed, reduce tangent conversations, and above all that the meeting objectives are met.