Our Situational Team Coaching Framework is used with intact or newly formed teams.  The framework takes the team/group through a four-quadrant process in which they grow as individuals and as team members – ultimately increasing the productivity and effectiveness of the group.  The following is the framework including some of the activities and tools engaged during that quadrant.

Situational Team Coaching Framework

The framework consists of four quadrants or actionable areas all teams must address to be effective and efficient now and into the future.

Team Building is where the team is in the initiation or building stage.  Teams in this stage are newly forming, have a new leader or perhaps have been together for a while but are unremarkable or stagnant in performance.

In Team Execution, teams have good individual performers, but they are not teaming well together due to communication issues and/or conflict.  They can also be faced with either having to or needing to learn a new skill, or taking on a new challenge and are struggling to find their way.

In Business Leadership, teams are attempting to be more strategic in their thinking and behavior.  Things have worked well in the past, but as the organization grows, leaders need to consider how their business will move forward in the marketplace; planning and a more global perspective is needed.

Lastly, Transformational Leadership is the stage that focuses on transforming the people to meet the business demands.  Here leaders are focused on taking on significant strategic initiatives; changing business and culture and preparing their people to meet and succeed in the changing organization and market climate.