Curating the Right Content to Drive Impact

Learning content curation is no longer about finding more content, but rather finding the right content. Ideally, content curation done well should drive the formalization of informal content and enable and optimize the value of an organization’s Learning & Development function in alignment with its key business drivers.

At St. Charles, we believe that curation has moved beyond the process of sorting and organizing vast amounts of internal and external content and is now focused on researching, gathering, rationalizing, ordering, and most importantly, contextualizing content to drive understanding, application, and impact.

As content curation becomes a key facet of an organization’s L&D strategy, the following must be considered:

  • Alignment between content curation strategy and business goals.
  • The volume and availability of content and avoidance of content overload.
  • On-going discovery of relevant and context specific content to support user performance.
  • Content organization and intuitive accessibility at point-of-need.
  • Integration of content curation within the overarching L&D strategy.

Our Learning Curation solutions include: