Our curation services are platform agnostic and our experienced Curation Consultants will work with you to help you understand where your organization is at today in terms of content maturity and infrastructure while considering how to move you forward to achieve your longer-term goals. Our flexible approach can be customized based upon your specific needs and priorities.

Our scope of services includes:

  • Curation Maturity Assessment — Assessment of your content landscape will ensure that you don’t head down the content curation path blindly. Our assessment services will help your organization pinpoint strengths and opportunities, as well as highlight priorities and gaps relative to content, process, and overall infrastructure.
  • Curation Strategy — Curation without a strategy results in disparate content lacking core themes and purpose, as well as unoptimized technology investments. Our focused approach to learning content curation strategy design can help your organization effectively outline your content curation strategy in consideration of: people, process, content, technology, as well as measurement and governance approaches.  A key success element in your strategy is the communications and change management plan to drive adoption across the enterprise.
  • Learning Pathway Curation — Good content curation goes beyond creating playlists of relevant content sources for specified audiences. Rather, it focuses on developing a deep understanding of the audience to enable implementation of personalized learning experiences and learning pathways that adapt both content and experience based upon role, preference and interest. Our Instructional Curation Methodology will enable your traditional instructional design teams to curate instructionally-sound, engaging, customized pathways that take into consideration learner and business needs.
  • Curation Technology Analysis & Selection — Organizations have ever increasing options when it comes to technologies that can aggregate curated content. While early entrants to the market such as Degreed, EdCast, and Pathgather have brought aggregation and curation capability to the next level, learning management system providers are also working to add curation and aggregation functionality in order to compete. Additionally, some organizations are adopting tools such as SharePoint for this purpose. Because we are technology agnostic, St. Charles can work with you to identify your business requirements to assist you in selecting the best technology to support your specific needs. Therefore, technology selection is also a component of the broader Curation Strategy services.